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Metro Midwives
personalized, holistic care for the childbearing year
serving tri-county home-birth families since 1997

Metro Midwives is a home birth midwifery practice designed to offer healthy women a holistic, family centered alternative to medical-based obstetrical services. We offer comprehensive care which includes complete prenatal care, labor, birth, and postpartum care for mother and baby all in the comfort of your own home.

Today's families want more than technological care during pregnancy and birth. And studies show that low-risk women can safely give birth in their own home with the help of a skilled midwife. We spend a considerable amount of time at each pre-natal visit, getting to know you, the whole person. The families we care for are encouraged to take an active part in prenatal care and birth. Our support, encouragement and education during this time provide women with the environment in which to listen to their bodies, and enables them the empowerment to give birth naturally. It is our belief that every woman has the right to give birth in a nurturing environment where she can actively participate in her care and the birth of her baby. To borrow a statement from the World Health Organization... "Birth is not an Illness"!

It is our firm belief that education and support will enable women to make the best possible choices for themselves, and result in the most beautiful, transforming experiences for their families.

About the Midwife:

Bridgett Ciupka, Midwife

I have attended homebirth as a primary midwife since 1997. I received my academic and clinical training at a nationally renowned birth center in
Dearborn Michigan where I had the opportunity to attend about 200 births before starting my own midwifery practice. This experience prepared me for the NARM exam which I successfully passed both the written and skills portion. In 1998 I opened a free standing birth center in Taylor, which I directed and operated for nearly 13 years. During that time I had the opportunity and pleasure to assist in the births of nearly 700 families, either at the birth center or in their homes. Nearly 70% of the women I serve choose to give birth in water. Almost all women use water for relaxation at some point in labor.
I have 4 children. My first daughter was born by C-section in 1988. I have since had 3
VBAC'S. My oldest son was born with midwives in a birth center in 1993. I also have a son who was born in 2004 and a daughter born in 2006. Both were amazing home waterbirths.

Interns and students:

I work with a couple of different students that share my views and philosophies about pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. They are an integral part of the care that I provide. I choose one student based on geographical location to assist myself and your family during the course of prenatal care, labor and birth, and the postpartum period.

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