Safe Midwifery Birth

                          Safe Midwifery Birth


My name is Zhaleh Yadollahi, LM, CPM, B.S Midwife. I attended to birth since 1990 while I was a Student Midwife in a credential Nursing-Midwifery University in a four-years-Midwifery-Program.In 1994 I was graduated with bachelor's degree in midwifery and started my work as a Midwife.
My working experience is in Hospitals, Birth centers and Clinics.

I attended more than 2000 birth out-of-hospital and more than 1500 birth in hospital. Besides having experience in the Obstetric field, I have other experiences in Gynecology field such as diagnose and treatment of GYN diseases.

I provide the Midwifery services in Los Angeles County specially in San Fernando Valley.Our Services are:

Home Birth, Water Birth, Prenatal Visits, Postpartum Visits, Monitrice, Well Baby care, Breastfeeding Support, family Planning, Gynecology exam, Pap Smear, Consulting, Childbirth Educational & Breastfeeding Classes.

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West Hills, CA 91304
United States

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