Lets Birth Calmly - HypnoBirthing® Classes in Connecticut

HypnoBirthing® classes will educate you about a new philosophy and mindset of birth. You will learn how to
  • Prepare yourself for an easy, comfortable and safe birthing.
  • Talk with your birth providers and ensure you choose those who support you.
  • Craft your birth plan. 
  • Deeper ways of bonding with your baby & partner.
  • How to spiritually connect to your birthing energy.
I became a HypnoBirthing® Practitioner because I experienced an amazing comfortable and pain free birth with my first baby. After this empowering experience where all the hospital staff who were a witness to this birth, said it was one of the most amazing births they had seen, I felt like I had to share with other women what HypnoBirthing® had to offer. I feel that every woman should at least know that her body is able and designed to birth gently and calmly like other those of other mammals. I find the connection to nature astounding. After becoming a practitioner, I have since birthed my second baby, exactly how I imagined she would be born: she just slipped out of me! All mothers those who attend my classes, say its a life changing experience.

All my student mothers also get a free pregnancy specific nutrition consultation, tailored to suit their and their baby's needs. The consult will cover the basic MOST important foods needed for moms and babies, supplements, cravings and how to satisfy them in a wholesome, healthful way and any questions you may have about living and preparing home for baby more holistically. I have recently contributed to the new upcoming 4th edition of the HypnoBirthing book and worked with Marie Mongan, the founder of the HypnoBirthing Institute, to help rewrite the chapter on nutrition.

Please visit my website http://www.letsbirthcalmly.com or e-mail me muneeza@letsbirthcalmly.com for more information and help yourself create your beautiful, dream birth!
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