More Of Who You Are Massage & Pregnant Belly Casting

What mother among us has not stood in front of a mirror marveling at the amazing changes in her body during pregnancy, and thought “this has got be documented !!”?

Pregnant Belly Casting documents the beautiful contours of pregnancy, and honors the awesome ability of a woman’s body to change it’s shape as her baby develops. Castings have the look of a chiseled sculpture, are suitable for painting or decorating, and serve as a celebration of life in process. They are absolutely an heirloom quality keepsake.

I offer full service belly casting as well as ‘cast it yourself’ gift quality kits which include complete instructions and a free consultation via e-mail or telephone. My women’s specialty Massage, Skin Care, and Belly Casting practice is located under the roof of Escape With Healing Hands Day Spa in the French Quarter professional complex on the
corner of 5th Ave. N. and Goodlette in Naples, FL. I welcome calls of inquiry and can be reached by e-mailing or phoning 239.595.4073.




501 Goodlette Rd N, Ste B306
Naples, FL 34102
United States

p. 239.595.4073


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