Advocating Birth


Thank you for taking a look at my services...midwifery and massage.

They are called Advocating Birth and Advocating Massage because I like the fact that the word advocate comes from the Latin and means, "One summoned to assist another".

I have been an Arkansas state licensed midwife since 1991 and my practice takes in a large portion of the northwest part of the state.  Since I live in Siloam Springs on the Arkansas/Oklahoma border it is possible for me to work in Oklahoma as well. 

I have been involved in birth for nearly 20 years and I have successfully apprenticed two very excellent midwives over the years.

In November of 2000 I graduated from the White River School of Massage and currently own and operate a massage clinic in Siloam Springs...Advocating Massage, located at 116 B S. Broadway. Phone 479-549-3000. As a Master Massage Therapist I am certified in pregnancy and infant massage.

The benefits of massage during the childbearing year are many and make the physical aspect much more comfortable. Massage throughout the childbearing year includes fertility, pregnancy, labor, postpartum and newborn/infant massage. Postpartum massage is incredible!  It takes away those achey feelings after giving birth and helps you return you to your pre-pregnant shape.

I am committed and dedicated to my work and believe that I am called by God to serve in this way. 

My philosophy in midwifery is that God designed women to give birth and that pregnancy and childbirth are completely natural.

Home birth is a personal, individualized, home-oriented, spiritual event.  Prayer, blessings and the love and support of family members are encouraged.  Being a family experience it has the potential to strengthen family ties more than any other event.

I believe that nutrition is the foundation for safe childbearing.  What the mother doesn't eat the baby doesn't get.  There are no safe alternatives in childbirth without good nutrition.

As a midwife I am skilled in normal labor and delivery, preventative measures and the recognition of abnormality.  I practice non-interventive midwifery.

The goal of natural childbirth is to do all things that enhance and facilitate nature's way at nature's pace and to avoid everything that disrupts or subtracts from the mother's natural functioning.

Home is the normal, traditional place to give birth.  Birthing at home helps maintain a sense of dignity and self-determinism while making it possible to achieve the greatest safety as well as emotional and spiritual fulfillment for all concerned.

Lastly, I believe that breast milk is the best possible nutrition for babies...full term, premature, healthy or ill.

Working out of my home my services include:
     nutritional evaluation
     laboratory testing
     childbirth preparation
     exercise information
     breastfeeding education
     sibling participation
     herbs and homeopathy
     essential oils
     newborn care
     baby slings

I see my role as someone "called alongside to assist" in the decision a family has made.

I lend my knowledge, skill and experience while providing as much information as possible to enable the family to make informed choices.

The mother-to-be who has a desire to assume active responsibility for her body, her life and her birth experience; who is healthy and at low risk for home delivery is a  good candidate.

My fee is approximately one fourth the cost of a physician attended hospital delivery.

Referrals are available upon request.

Thank you for considering Advocating Birth.

Happy Birthing,
Janessa Craig, L.M., M.M.T.

608 S. Madsion
Siloam Springs, AR 72761
United States

p. 479-549-3240
p. 479-427-8117


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