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Our philosophy of birth is that it is normal and safe. As a Christian organization, we believe that God designed women’s bodies to give birth with minimal intervention. It is our desire to help women have positive birth experiences that willFamily help them to realize their strength and give them confidence in their ability to make responsible choices for their children’s health. It is our desire to help your family welcome your newborn child into the family by providing an atmosphere of peaceful, loving care as we celebrate the new life of your baby with you. 

Midwives are attentive to pregnancy and labor processes and strive to keep them progressing in a normal, healthy fashion. We are aware that problems can occur during pregnancy, birth or the postpartum period. Therefore, we anticipate and prepare for the rare complications that can occur. By being aware of what can happen and working to ensure that everything occurs as smoothly as possible, we strive to create a wonderful, loving experience for you. This is a wellness model. If a problem does occur, the midwives will consult with a physician, who may provide concurrent care with the midwives, or who may assume your care. 

In order to provide the best of all worlds, we work with a collaborating physician as needed.  Attendants at every birth are a minimum of two registered nurses and/or your delivering midwife, according to Kansas law. At any time it may be Big Sisterour judgment, based on accepted management criteria that your care is better provided in another setting. To the fullest extent possible at the time, this will be done in consultation with you. 

Home, birth center birth and hospital birth share similarities. Birth can occur naturally in any of these places. Problems can also occur in a home, birth center, or a hospital. Research supports that all locations are safe for women having normal pregnancies and safe delivery of their newborns.  

At the birth center, there are no restrictions on your activities during labor. There are no routine IV’s or medications. You will be encouraged to eat and drink to maintain energy for the work of labor. The baby is with you the entire time (assuming health). You choose who you want to be there with you- family, friends, etc. There is minimal technology to interfere with the labor and birth process. There are fewer drugs used that can cause side effects to both mother and baby.  

We do have all supplies and equipment necessary for a safe, normal birth. There is not the highly specialized equipment found in an operating room or intensive care unit for mother or baby. We do not administer blood or general anesthesia or epidurals at the birth center. We do not perform cesarean sections. Episiotomies are done only when medically necessary (fewer than 2% of births).

We will also provide all routine postpartum and newborn care. In addition to the immediate postpartum/recovery period, this will also include a day 2 home visit from an RN, a day 3 or 4 clinic visit for mother and baby (newborn weight check, breastfeeding assessment, jaundice evaluation, state mandated metabolic laboratory testing) and a 6 week postpartum/family planning visit for mom. Newborn care is transferred to your chosen pediatric provider after the 3 day clinic visit, although the midwives are available to help with breastfeeding questions. 

The Mercy & Truth Birth Center participates in the Kansas Department of Health and Environment Charitable Health Care Provider Program.

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