Beth Anne Moonstone, CPM

The WomanCraft Midwifery Education Program
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  • 1-year distance education program
  • 1-year local course in Midwifery Studies
  • 2nd year Advanced Year course in Midwifery Studies
  • Spring and Fall Beginning Midwifery Retreats (3 day)

Our Mission:

  • To provide a nourishing interactive learning environment for women to study holistic midwifery including midwifery art, academic, technical and clinical knowledge.
  • To preserve the apprenticeship model of training and the age old tradition of woman to woman, mother to mother passage of knowledge
  • To provide affordability, structure and a format that allows women from diverse backgrounds, ages, family status and financial status a route to study midwifery.

WomanCraft provides direct entry midwifery programs and workshops. WomanCraft blends a wholistic woman-centered, family-center philospophy of care with in-depth academic knowledge, technical and experiential hands-on skills, and clinical research. Our programs are designed to provide a strong foundation for aspiring midwives and apprenticing midwives. WomanCraft honors and encourages the tradition of apprenticeship within midwifery.

Although we can't guarantee an apprenticeship, students in the WomanCraft program will be assisted to find apprenticeships, internships and clinical opportunities. Clinical opportunities offer students the chance to continue learning and put their academic and technical knowledge into practice. Academic and technical studies are foundations for working in midwifery while an apprenticeship is the heart and soul of midwifery where students get to observe senior midwives and practice in a variety of settings.

Our program follows the core competency document designed by the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) as the standard body of knowledge necessary for the entry level midwife. Students can elect to work towards the national certification of Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) through the National Registry of Midwives (NARM). The academic foundation and clinical skills students attain in WomanCraft's programs may be used towards the Portfolio Evaluation Process (PEP) of applying for the CPM. Students would need to complete additional clinical hours, requirements and an apprenticeship for the PEP process. Please see the NARM Website for more information

WomanCraft Midwifery Education Program
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