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Note: As of May, 2011, Mountain Midwives will extend our travel radius to include northern Wyoming.

Pat Schwaiger, RN, CPM, Licensed Midwife, is the owner and senior midwife of Mountain Midwives, in Billings Montana.  Pat has practiced midwifery since 1982, and has delivered over 700 babies.  Almost all of these births have occurred in the homes of the families who are giving birth.  "I believe home-birth is a safe and reasonable choice for women who have maintained a low-risk pregnancy."

Mountain Midwives offer complete care to the birthing family.  This includes total prenatal care, childbirth classes, home-birth, water birth, doula service, breastfeeding consultation, and postpartum housecalls.  We also have a Certified Massage Therapist on staff, who can provide prenatal massage, as well as infant massage.

We make housecalls!  We attend births across southeastern Montana, and now ... northern Wyoming!

We are proud of the hard work done by all the home birth families of Wyoming, who have finally convinced their State Legislature to license midwives in that state.  You don't have to travel in labor to Billings to have a midwife-assisted birth any more!  We will come to you, just like we do for the Montana births.  It's about time, Wyoming!

Please call if you have questions or to make an appointment:  406-665-7144.
Or e-mail: 
4618 Cave Rd.
Billings, MT 59101
United States

p. 406-665-7144


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