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I am a traditional midwife... I like that title. I have earned a CM in Michigan and a CPM through MANA. These help validate the training through apprenticeship and ongoing health education.I also have earned a B.S. in Biology.  My daughter and son were both born at home. As they walk away to form their own lives, I am reminded of the importance of choices and support. I have been a midwife since 1981. I am over the 1600 baby mark. I have signs of good wear. Is it worth it? Incredibly so. Those babies are our future. Our thread to natural birth with dignity. My role as a midwife to families is to provide support, education, monitoring and counsel. I hope to help and encourage women and their families to be active participants in their pregnancy and birth.

I practice in the Grand Rapids area and a one hour circumference. My services include availability, prenatals, lending library, classes, home visits, Birth, postpartum care, birth certificate filing, and newborn screening. Please call for package fee information. The birth fee is to be paid by the birth, unless other arrangements have been made. Some insurances are covering Birth Song's services. I do request an initial interview before working with a family. This is important for education, clarification of services and informed consent.

Also offered are Well Woman Exams, including pap smears. Personal prenatals (1 hour) for individuals having hospital births are available.

Birth Song is committed to facilitating natural birth, strengthening the family unit and empowering women through their birth transistion.

Yolanda Visser CPM, CM
1514 Wealthy S.E. Suite 238B
Grand Rapids, MI 49506
United States

p. 6164588144


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