The HypnoBirthing Experience

HypnoBirthing ® : The Mongan Method is a new paradigm in natural childbirth education. HypnoBirthing is your baby’s easy way out!

You will learn to use self-hypnosis skills to enjoy a more serene, rewarding and comfortable birthing experience, often pain-free. Learning deep relaxation of body and mind, special breathing techniques, and the ability to release the body’s own natural endorphins helps you to birth more easily, usually without the need for intervention. You learn to trust your body’s ability to give birth instinctually, with little to no discomfort.

As a Certified Hypnotist, I love teaching self-hypnosis skills to all of my clients. HypnoBirthing childbirth education classes are designed specifically to help with
ease of labor and birthing; however, as an added benefit, participants also learn
self-hypnosis skills that they can continue to use to enhance all aspects of their lives,
such as stress relief, parenting abilities, weight management, etc.

My interest in and experience with exploring different states of consciousness have helped me to expand my own spiritual learning and I now enjoy helping others to expand to their own greater potential through the use of self-hypnosis. A member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, I have been a certified hypnotist since 1996 and became certified as a HypnoBirthing® instructor in 1998.

Additionally, I teach many self-hypnosis classes related to metaphysical subjects such as Past Life Regression, Opening to Intuition and Prenatal Regression. I offer Fertility Enhancement counseling for women wishing to conceive. 

As well, I offer seminars related to improving health and vitality in the body, memory enhancement, pre- and post-surgical preparation, overcoming procrastination, clutter and hoarding issues, self-esteem, and the performing arts. Since all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, students are able to learn simple steps to achieve states of self-hypnosis, which helps them to continue their practice at home on a daily basis.

Kathryn McGlynn, CH
Certified Hypnotist, Certified HypnoBirthing Educator
The HypnoBirthing® Experience


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