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I am a Colorado Registered Midwife and a Certified Professional Midwife, practicing in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. I have attended over 360 homebirths in the last ten years. I chose Birth Matters! as my business name because, not only do I handle all matters related to birth, but I hope to inform women in our culture that where, when, how, and with whom we bring our children into this world truly does matter! Our culture has conditioned many women to accept the medical model of birth without question. And yet, time after time, unnecessary medical interventions have led to complications that leave mothers and babies not only physically damaged, but psychologically harmed.

Since my first homebirth in 1976, I have known I wanted to become a midwife and offer other women this option. Birthing my children in the safety and sanctity of my home has been the highlight of my life. It is my goal to use my education and experience to facilitate a safe and rewarding birth experience for each couple I have the privilege of serving.

My husband and I have eight children, six of whom were planned homebirths. We have fourteen grandchildren, seven of whom were born at home with midwives (seven were born in the hospital, five prematurely.)

You are invited to become acquainted with me and my philosophy at my website-  I look forward to meeting you and hopefully meeting your needs.
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