A Special Delivery

Hello, my name is Jill Colin and I am a home birth midwife living in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

My "informed choice" is available upon request which tells you all about me, my practice, background, training, experience, etc... After much consideration I decided to become a midwife, er, let me rephrase that: I am a midwife and will always be one! I just didn't start practicing until 1988! Midwifery to me is not just another career, but a gift that I have, and with a lot of loving support and training I am able to utilize this gift and help several families to experience the births that they truly have been dreaming about! I specialize in water birth and VBAC deliveries. My stats are very impressive with a very low c-sec rate of under 5%. No laboring mom has ever been transported because they needed an epidural. However, I plug families into a wealth of informative resources to prepare physically, emotionally, mentally and Spiritually.

I am just an ordinary person. Okay, I am not ordinary but extremely intense! Hahahaa I am a mom to 4 grown, great children. Bo (28) Zackary (26) Roshelle (23) Chase (21) and Kaya (21). I also have 4 darling grandchildren and I am called "Nana", my daughter has three out of four (Fairah is 6 1/2, Dylan is 5, & baby Rylan is 15 months). Zack has a son, Mason who is also 5 1/2. I have been married twice and now I am married for the 3rd time to a great man (they say 3 times a charm). We just live life to the fullest, try to stay healthy and enjoy watching our children grow up. I noticed that out of our 5 children they all are different and unique and when it comes to my midwifery practice, I noticed that everyone is different and should not be treated the same. My care is extremely personalized and I strive to be the best caregiver that there is to the individual families that I take care of!

The prenatal checkups are held in my home (very modest office) and the baby’s birth takes place in the clients home, or relatives, hotel room, just depends. I have had a clinic background as well and even a rural midwifery practice in the Midwest for 2 years serving the Mennonite community. All in all I enjoy my work, no matter where or how birth takes place, it is always a miracle to me!

So to all the folks out there; Have a special delivery, call your midwife!


Jill Colin, Midwife
A Special Delivery
North Las Vegas, NV
Specializing in Water Birth & VBAC
Over 22 years experience

5535 Megan Faye St
North Las Vegas, NV 89031
United States

p. 702-596-1718
p. 702-596-1718
f. 702-645-8352


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