Annette Lewis, CPM, LM

Free Consultation:  A  free  one hour visit  to talk about midwifery care, your birth plan, costs and concerns

Regular Visits:  Routine prenatal visits take about one hour, either at your home or anywhere we meet with a bed and bathroom. It’s a full  prenatal exam, discussing nutrition, natural therapies and any other concerns you have.  Visits are every 4 weeks, at 32 weeks visits are every 2 weeks, at 36 weeks, weekly until birth.  All visits are charted  and lab information is recorded.

Classes:  Prepared childbirth classes give guidance in exploring  safe, drug-free natural labor support and birth options.

Labor Support:  We provide labor support,  caring encouragement and support while making sure everything is normal and healthy at all times.

Home Birth:  We specialize in safe home birth.  Laboring in our portable  birth pool and water birth  is also a lovely option for your  birth.



After the Birth: We remain with you for four  to six hours after the birth, making sure you & baby are stable, fed, and fully examined.  Your recovery and baby’s progress are checked regularly with frequent visits as needed during the first weeks.  The birth certificate, eye medication, Vitamin K and   newborn screen test are provided.

Costs:   Home birth and midwifery care are less expensive than hospital birth. Many insurance companies cover the cost of midwifery care.   All costs for  midwifery care are in the initial paperwork which we’ll discuss.


Midwifery Care Package Includes:

Regular Prenatal Visits

 OB Lab Test

Perfect Prenatal Vitamins

Nutritional Support

Safe Natural Remedies

 Prepared Childbirth Classes

 Home Visits

 Labor support & Birth Attendance

Use of Water Birthing  Pool Breastfeeding Support

 Postpartum care for 6 weeks

Newborn Screen Test

 Birth Certificate

 Newborn Photo Session




Hello, Our birth team includes  Annette Lewis,  a  Licensed Idaho Midwife & Certified Professional Midwife, and Krista Nichols, midwifery apprentice with many years experience. Annette is  mother of   three adult children, all born at home, and seven  adorable grandchildren. We’ve been promoting the midwifery model of care since 1978. 

“Midwives give expert yet  gentle support so mothers can   birth their babies safely, confidently &  normally….”


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