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What a blessing it is to become a parent and raise a child! Good parenting begins while babies are still in the womb. So if you are reading this webpage, it is very likely that you take such a responsibility seriously. You are most likely looking for the best possible prenatal care and birthing options available for you or someone you love. I want to encourage and support you in your efforts and I hope that you will seriously consider contacting me about midwifery care. I would be very happy to talk with you by phone or email.

My Education, Certification and License
I am a Texas Licensed Midwife and also a nationally Certified Professional Midwife (North American Registry of Midwives). I am certified in Neonatal Resuscitation, CPR and breastfeeding instruction. I take continuing education annually to remain current on the latest possible research and provide the most up-to-date care available.

Midwifery and Leadership Experience
I have practiced in the greater Corpus Christi area since 1998. I have assisted in over 150 births, and of those I was primary midwife to well over 100.

From May of 2000 to September of 2005, I served as a member of the Association of Texas Midwives (ATM) Board of directors and I was the President of same association from May of 2002 to September of 2005. I also served as a midwife advisor to the Texas Midwifery Board’s (state regulatory board) Complaint Review Committee from 2002 to 2005.

Gentle Beginnings Midwifery
I am the owner and senior midwife at Gentle Beginnings in Corpus Christi. My daughter, Jessica Gregory is also a Licensed Midwife and Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). Jessica assists me in my practice and also offers back up if it becomes necessary. We oversee the training of an ATM student midwife (or apprentice). So the majority of our clients receive the benefit of having a professional birthing team at their birth. This team includes two midwives and a senior apprentice. Having a team of professionals at your birth provides added security and safety for both you and your baby.

One of the aims of Gentle Beginnings is to provide a network of holistic health care providers in our area. We are happy to report that our network has been growing. So, if you have a need we are able to refer you to other health care professionals including physicians who are holistic, naturopaths, chiropractors and massage therapists.

Midwifery Services include:

    • Complete prenatal care
    • Lab work
    • Sonograms (as needed)
    • Diet evaluation and nutritional counseling
    • Personal support during your entire labor and delivery
    • Newborn exam
    • Newborn screening tests (PKU)
    • Birth Certificate and Social Security filed
    • In home postpartum care for the first week
    • Continuing postpartum care (at the office) for 6 weeks
    • PAPs (usually done at 12 weeks postpartum)

Yes, we do accept most insurance. We are also approved Tricare providers for our military clients. However, Medicaid does not currently pay midwives in Texas. But we do offer special discounts for those who are on Medicaid. And since Medicaid will cover labs, sonograms and hospital care if they are needed, the actual out of pocket expense for midwifery care is quite affordable for most. We also accept credit cards or offer easy payment plans for those who pay cash.

Please visit the Gentle Beginning’s Website for additional information. Or give us a call at 361.882.4107

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