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I have three children, two born at home. All grown, all married and on May 23, 2000 I had my first grandchild. Her name is Mikayla Anne Louise, 8 lbs 1/2 oz, 21" and she is beautiful, now in 2002 they had the second one-Caleb. Now in 2005, Montane had his first son and my other son is expecting the third one any minute.

My husband died in 1986. Midwifery has supported us ever since. In fact, this site is my son, Montané’s conception and birth.

I have lived in Great Falls, Montana, for the past ten years. Moved from Billings, Montana, to go to work full-time with the Hutterite Medical Fund. I set up a birth center, so most of my births are done here. I do 50-60 births a year. Now, in 2002, I have been let go by the Hutterites as Blue Cross/Blue Shield sold them a policy and refuses to pay for my services.

I have attended over 800 births as of March 2005.  My fees are much less expensive than the average hospital births in the area. The $2200 fee includes labs, vitamins, birth kits, prenatals, birth, postpartum visits and newborn care, including PKU. Many insurance companies will pay my fee as a lisenced midwife. As of March 2000, the average cost of a one-day stay and normal birth in Great Falls is $5,324, if you were to have an epidural it would add another $2000 to the bill. A cesarean section could go as high as $11,000. Now in June of 2003 we have seen a tremendous boost in those costs. I am also a certified Tricare (Champus) provider and will do the necessary billing and confirmations.

In the next few years I want to start doing births a lot further from home and want to offer my services to those who can not find a midwife in their area. Anyone can call me to discuss how this could be accomplished. In Nov/Dec 2000 I went to South Korea to help an American teaching couple to have their first baby. It was a great experience! Since then I have done births in Wyoming, British Columbia and Alberta. I have a small camper trailer that I will bring if you are within a days trip, that way I can stay out of your hair and I have my own bed! I bought it with this in mind and it works beautifully except for the winter months.

I also do Doula service and especially for twins, will do prenatal assistance, birth and postpartum mother/baby care. Many insurance companies will pay for this service. I can give you some former twin clients for referral if you would like.

I also set up a waterbirth area in my birthroom at my home, for those that want that option it will be available for you now. I just went to the Waterbirth Conference in Chicago, Il (4/2004) and it was wonderful and informative, I can provide much info on how to do this wonderful option.

Most insurance companies will pay for midwifery care, I also accept Tricare.
513 27th St N
Great Falls, Mt 59401
United States

p. (406) 453-4915
p. (406) 788-4893


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