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Each pregnancy is a unique journey and should be an experience that is enjoyed and cherished. All too often unanswered questions and conflicting advice can lead to apprehension or fear. This can change this special time into a conflict of emotions and lead to lowered self-esteem.

Sage Femme believe that every woman and partner should be helped to achieve their optimum pregnancy and labour experience and to approach parenthood feeling positive and empowered. Knowledge inspires confidence and the ability to make informed choices. Every appointment with Sage Femme will build on your knowledge-base by providing you with the latest research-based information.

Sage Femme believe that childbirth is a normal but significant event. Women have immeasurable inner strength to birth their babies naturally despite the steady trend towards intervention. We aim to ensure that you are not subject to any unnecessary intervention but will always keep the safety of you and your baby paramount.

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