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The contractions become more tolerable and your labor will progress quickly in water. We are conditioned to relax in a warm bath and it is that conditioning that encourages our body to labor well. Babies are completely safe because they will not breath until they feel the air on their face. WaterBirth is the gentlest of deliveries because the baby literally floats into his mothers arms. A delightfully rewarding experience.

Why do women use hydrotherapy for childbirth?

When a woman can completely relax, her contractions are more productive and she will experience less pain. Like a soothing bath, labor pools allow us to completely relax. French obstetricians perfected this technique and have been able to significantly reduce the amount of time a woman will be in labor. Water also reduces blood pressure and softens skin tissue helping to avoid episiotomies and reduce tearing. In the water a women is weightless and can assume any position that feels comfortable to her. The counter-pressure provided by the water also helps reduce back labor.

Water births are also considered to be gentler for the baby. It is a smoother, slower transition from womb to air. Babies will not breathe until their face touches the cooler room air so there is no risk of aspiration. Although the baby’s face is immediately brought to the air, many times the rest of their body is left submerged so that the baby remains warm and weightless immediately after birth.

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Our aqua doula tubs are heated, padded, and big enough for two.  The individual, disposable liners eliminate any worries about contamination.  We also rent these tubs in the Upstate South Carolina area.  If you are planning on a hospital birth, talk to your physician about the possibilities of bringing an aqua doula with you.  You may also decide to labor at home in you aqua doula before heading to the birth center or hospital.  We also rent these for home births that are attended by our midwives.

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