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Wise Women Care Associates

Nationally Certified and State Licensed Midwifery Care


“If you are among the over 75% of all women with a normal pregnancy,

the safest birth attendant for you is a midwife.”

Marsden Wagner, MD , former director of Woman’s and Children’s Health,
World Health Organization

 Meet the Midwife: Augustine Colebrook, CPM, LM


Augustine Colebrook, CPM, LM

Augustine has had a lifelong passion for women and children. After attending her first homebirth at age eight, she knew her life’s path. Blessed with innate gifts of compassion and empathy, Augustine adores her work with new families. After the homebirth of her first daughter, Augustine felt called to Midwifery and began her self-study. Finishing her doula training in South Carolina and attending births as a doula and midwives apprentice lead her to an externship in a rural Jamaican Hospital. Having two more children taught her more lessons and enhanced her passion for assisting families in life’s most profound moment. She has worked as a midwife and studied in different cultural environments and countries, including Denmark, Jamaica, and Mexico, and many places on the East Coast. Augustine has been teaching Birthing From Within classes to expectant and new parents continuously since 2000.  As a Certified Professional Midwife, and Oregon State Licensed Midwife Augustine offers holistic prenatal care and homebirth to the families of the rogue valley.

Comprehensive Midwifery Care

Augustine is committed to providing compassionate, woman-centered care in which both the mother and the midwife are actively engaged in the decision-making process. Throughout the childbearing year women and families can expect care that honors and respects the individual with a belief that pregnancy and birth are healthy, normal events in life.

Such care can include;

Pre-conception counseling, nutritional assessment and education, pregnancy testing, holistic prenatal care by monitoring medical, physical, emotional, and social health throughout the pregnancy, childbirth education, partner and family preparation for birth, providing medical supplies for birth and advice on preparing the birth space, attendance at labor, birth, and immediate postpartum, assistance in postpartum adjustment, breastfeeding education and support, and providing referrals where necessary.

Schedule of Services:

* Initial consultation of one hour and follow up visit in first two weeks of care.

* Prenatal visits in our office and your home of approximately 45- 60 min in length once a month until the 7th month then twice a month until the 9th month then weekly until birth.

* Childbirth Education Series 

* Continuous labor support in the woman’s home as soon as the family desires.

* Birth care by providing experienced, skilled midwifery assistance during all of the labor and birth and at least two hours postpartum. Waterbirth option as well.

*Postpartum and well-baby visits in home several times in the first week, and two office visits at 3 wks and 6 wks.

* Breastfeeding assistance day or night for a successful nursing experience. Additional phone consultations and visits as needed.

Augustine recognizes that in pregnancy many women experience great physical, emotional, social and spiritual changes, and that it is her intention to support women and their families in this time of transformation. She expect that mothers choosing homebirth are willing to take responsibility for their own health and well-being as well as for that of their babies. It is her hope that in doing so, women will discover the power that birth holds, and carry it with them throughout their lives.

Families Prefer the Midwifery Model of Care

“Augustine is a true Birth Warrior. She will do her best to help you have a beautiful birth experience. Her professional and technical knowledge will help you make the most informed decisions about your birth choices. You can trust Augustine's wisdom and experience; and trust is one of the most important requirements for any birth attendant. She recognizes that birth is not a medical event but a rite of passage that every mother has the right to claim. The class we took with her helped us both discuss our fears and anxiety about labor. My husband really took on the role of guardian. Labor is hard but I did it!”

-Dorothy, first-time mother of Hannah



This ecstatic mother cuts her own cord and relaxes with her two children!

“When my son was about to be born (around 12:30am) Augustine helped me to catch him myself and for the first time I got to hold my baby right away, my other children had been whisked to the other side of the room and only brought to me after the hospital staff had done what they wanted with them. This was the most magical moment of my life and I will always thank Augustine for giving that to me. We stayed in the pool for some time resting and getting to know each other. When the time came we got out of the pool and after the cord had stopped pulsating Augustine prepared it so that my daughter Brooke could cut it. Having my 12 year old daughter there was very important to me but I was concerned about her reactions, Augustine was able to take her aside several times and reassure her that everything was going well and Brooke responded so well to her. Brooke was included and treated with respect and love; there are not enough thanks or praise I can offer to Augustine for this. My birth was so sacred and special thanks to all of her talents and intuitions.

I was told later by the friend that attended the birth that Augustine worked wonderfully well with the 2 doulas who assisted, she was able to be in control and listen to everyone’s opinions and suggestions. I am sure this is why I never felt overwhelmed by the number of people in my home. Her ability to work with everyone and orchestrate the environment so perfectly kept me happy and relaxed and focused.

For me this birth was a dream come true after almost 13 years. I would recommend Augustine Daniels to anyone as a midwife without reservation. I am proud of what I did to give birth to my son but I know that the experience would not have been the same had I not had Augustine here with me. I would be thrilled to talk about my experience with anyone who wanted a further reference. Augustine is a blessing to mothers and an asset to her profession. To me she will always be the awesome woman who made such a difference in my life and my children’s.”

-Justine third-time mother of Luke



Baby Julia, one minute old is welcomed by her parents!

“Her high level of midwifery experience and training were apparent in how smoothly she handled our unusually fast labor and delivery. We felt Augustine handled all aspects of our labor and delivery with knowledgeable, confident professionalism. She is also compassionate and personable, very easy to talk to and interact with. Augustine helped us have the best birth experience we could have imagined. We both recommend her to others, as well as hope to hire her again for our next birth!"

-Kris and Gene first-time parents of Julia

Water and massage are much loved and often very helpful pain-coping tools.

Most Insurances and Oregon Health Plan accepted
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“If we hope to create a non-violent world where respect and kindness replace fear and hatred, we must begin with how we treat each other at the beginning of life. For that is where our deepest patterns are set. From those roots grow fear and alienation, or love and trust”

- Suzanne Arms, author of "Immaculate Deception"

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