I recommend infant massage it is the best thing after a bath .
  • Choose a moment in which you and your child are relaxed and calm. A half hour after the baby has eaten is recommended.

    Be sure that the room temperature is warm. Undress the baby completely, if the weather is cold or humid cover the areas of the baby's body that are not being massaged.

    Put the baby on a soft surface so your baby will feel comfortable and secure. Keep some little pillows handy.

    It is a good idea to put some cream or oil on your hands and rub them together so they will be soft and warm.

    Basically the massage flows from the head to the toes. With soft and gentle touches you will work on the head, face, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach and legs.

    While you massage your baby look tenderly at the baby. Doing this you stimulate all the senses of the baby and establish a more intense visual and tactile communication. Feel free to speak to your baby, do not be scared of touching your child, there is no way you will do this wrong.

    Remember that your touches should be tender do not make mechanic motions. Try to be flexible by not keeping a rigid routine.

    If the baby wants to change position let them do so. Do not force your baby to keep a position, you can go back to these areas later on.

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