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Pain and fear characterize the stereotypical birthing process.  Many women believe that birth has to be painful. It’s actually that fear itself that causes the pain. Fear causes tension. Tension causes pain. A self-fulfilling prophecy. Once the fear-tension-pain cycle begins, true pain is experienced.  This cycle impedes the natural progression of labor.  In many cases this leads to interventions such as Pitocin and Cesarean births. 

HypnoBirthing® is the nation's fastest-growing, most effective childbirth education program. This complete childbirth program focuses on the basics of birthing, prenatal care, and the art of deep relaxation and visualization. HypnoBirthing® relaxation techniques promote the natural release of the body's own endorphins. This allows for an easier more comfortable birth. Women birthing with hypnosis are awake, relaxed and in control. They have a marked decreased perception of pain. They are able to reduce anxiety and fears. This is a key step in eliminating the fear-tension-pain cycle. As a result, women remain calm and relaxed throughout the birthing process.

Expectant parents can take classes at HypnoBirthing® Las Vegas with Anne Swanson. Anne is a Certified Mongan Method HypnoBirthing® Practitioner and a HypnoBirthing® mom. “This is the method that I used to birth my daughter drug-free and in comfort! It was serene, empowering, life-changing!”

Anne believes she was meant to teach HypnoBirthing®. She became pregnant in 2002 and began discussing pain management with her OB/GYN. She soon discovered that she would not be able to have an epidural, due to a posterior spinal fusion she had in 1998. This sent her on a frantic search for ways to “cope with the pain” and “natural childbirth techniques.” In her searching she came across HypnoBirthing® - The Mongan Method. She became completely intrigued and excited about the possibilities of birthing naturally with minimal to no discomfort. As she continued to research HypnoBirthing®, she became convinced that the philosophy was accurate. As she continued to educate herself about birthing she became awed and inspired to trust in her body, in her baby, and in nature. Anne used HypnoBirthing® to birth her daughter drug-free and in comfort! HypnoBirthing® is now her passion and she has faith that someday the majority of births will once again be returned to the tranquil, serene, and simple event that nature intended. Anne founded HypnoBirthing® Las Vegas in 2004 and is currently teaching in Las Vegas, NV. Anne’s higher education in Chemistry came through Northern Arizona University where in 1999 she received her B.S. Chemistry, graduating summa cum laude. She has been certified through the HypnoBirthing® Institute since 2003. She, her husband, and her daughter have lived in Las Vegas since July 2003.

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