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Having grown up in a large family as the oldest of 10 children, pregnancy, birth, and newborn care have been a huge part of my life.  I have learned to appreciate, respect and love the natural process of bringing a new life into the world.  From assisting at my first home birth when I was 12 years old to beginning unofficial studies during highschool, the miracle of birth has continued to fascinate me.


In 2004 I began official midwifery studies, and as my knowledge and experience expanded, so did my appreciation for a family‚Äôs choice to birth their baby at home.  During the summer of 2006 I traveled to Cameroon, Africa where I spent three weeks at a third world hospital delivering babies in inadequate conditions.  That opportunity gave me valuable experience as I completed my studies.  After passing the national exam of the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) in February 2008, I became a CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) and licensed inTexas to practice midwifery. Currently I have helped deliver 150+ babies at home.  I love doing home births and enjoy working with other midwives in the area on occasion.  My home/office is located in Longview.


I am the mother of two boys, both born via cesarean due to failure to progress during labor and most likely an inadequate pelvis.  After my personal experience with birth I believe even more in the peace and comfort of birthing at home with the trained and experienced care of midwives.  But I have also come to sincerely appreciate the necessity of a transport for more advanced care in some situations.  Hospitals and OBs have a very important place!


I would be happy to consult, free of charge, with anyone interested in using my services as a midwife.  Once we agree to move forward with care I provide complete prenatal care, labor and birth support and midwifery care, and postpartum care for mother and baby.


I believe that birth is not a disease, that it is a normal, healthy process and therefore does not usually need much interference and technology.  Home birth has been the safest place for mothers and babies for centuries.  In fact, it is practiced as a norm in many countries which have fewer deaths of mothers and newborns than the United States.  My role as a midwife is to share with the family in this adventure, to help the couple along in the responsibility, and to encourage and support the woman with information and experience in order to help her have a safe and blessed birth.


A packet of information, including a fee schedule and more detailed list of services, is available upon request.  Please call with any questions or for more information on the services I offer or just about homebirth in general!

~Shayna T. Wolf, CPM, LM

42 Ouida Circle
Longview, TX 75603
United States

p. 903-353-3002
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