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Loree Siermachesky graduated from S.A.I.T. with a degree in Graphic Arts, in 1990.  She married and settled in Calgary, AB with her husband, Randy.

Her career path turned to childbirth advocacy after the birth of her second child.  After experiencing an emergency c-section due to cord compression with her first son born in 1992, she opted to find out her choices with choosing a VBAC for her second son, born in 1996.  Hiring a doula for this and her subsequent son's births changed her life and her perpective of what birth was supposed to be.

Loree has been a certified doula through DONA International since January, 1997. Having moved to Medicine Hat, AB in late 2000 she entered untouched territory and had started to educate the community and surrounding areas about the benefits of doula care by late 2001.  She has had the privledge of having attended over 700 births in the last 12 years.

She is well known and respected by caregivers in Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Brooks, Taber, Bow Island, Hanna, High River and the Calgary hospitals.  Both professional and client references are available.

My Philosophy:

I believe it's every woman's right and obligation to make informed decisions about her care and the care of her baby. As a DONA International certified doula, my training enables me to provide each client with all the information she needs to evaluate properly all the options available to her.

Support for my clients' choices is a reflection of my respect. While I believe childbirth to be a fundamentally normal process for women, I also recognize birth as a key life experience that the mother will remember all her life, and consider it a privilege to play a role in helping make that experience a positive one.

I understand how unique each individual pregnancy and birth are. As a mother myself, I have direct experience of that. Attending hundreds of births as a doula only deepens that understanding.

Medicine Hat, AB T1B 4N1

p. 403-504-1849


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