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Jalyn Spencer is an Acupuncture Intern at the Tai Sophia Institute's (http://www.tai.edu) Baltimore clinic. She has spent the last 2 years, treating patients at the clinic, under the supervision of highly-experienced acupuncture supervisors. During the intensive 3 1/2 year Master's in Acupuncture program at the Tai Sophia Institute, she has studied Chinese and Japanese styles of acupuncture, Oriental medical nutrition, and Qi Gong.

Jalyn has earned  BS degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from Spelman College and Georgia Tech, respectively. Before attending acupuncture school, she also studied childbirth education and attended births as a labor assistant.  She was drawn to Chinese Medicine by a long-held curiosity about the human body and wholistic medicine. Ultimately, she decided to pursue a career in Acupuncture, because of the successes she had experienced with it as a patient.

Jalyn enjoys helping patients gain a better awareness of what their body needs to stay well. She treats every patient with a sense of compassion, awe, and non-judgment.  She is very interested in helping moms replenish and nourish their body, mind, and spirit.

Please check out my website (http://www.risingstaracupuncture.com) or call for more information.

NOTE: Practice is not accepting pregnant women at this time.


Baltimore, MD 21212
United States

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