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HypnoBirthing Childbirth Classes:

These classes are open to the public and include refreshments. Please make sure you register for the class as they are by appointment only. The Hypno Birthing Class is a 6 week series. All those interested need to RSVP at least a week ahead of time. Classes taught by Maggie McCarthy Classes run from 6:30-9pm. HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education

Understanding the physiological process of pregnancy and birth allows a woman and her partner to approach this magical time with certainty to make informed choices. It is well documented and researched that fear can inhibit the process of labor and lack of knowledge can instill fear.

The HypnoBirthing method of childbirth education incorporates the use of self-hypnosis to attain profound relaxation in labor. By understanding the process of birth and eliminating the fears that society has instilled in women concerning labor, a woman can come to a place of trust in herself and in her body to birth her baby in the most gentle way she can. The HypnoBirthing technique was originated by Marie Mongan and is based on Dr. Grantley Dick-Read’s book, “Childbirth Without Fear.” HypnoBirthing classes run for 6 weeks and incorporate understanding labor and why fears encompass the process, deep relaxation, visualization and a re-programming of negative thought processes to reduce and eliminate fear and tension. Classes are available in small groups or privately.

Cost for classes:
Group classes: $250
Private classes: $350

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To Register for classes please contact Rebecca @ 407-322-4430
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Sanford, FL 32771
United States

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