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Hi, I’m Karen, I decided to become a Doula because of the experience I had with the birth of my little boy. I had taken the birthing using hypnosis classes and found them intriguing and educational. I started into labor and kept on going for 32 hours, all in comfort and ease, but close to exhaustion. My midwife decided it was time for me to go to the hospital because it had been 24 hours since my water had broken. When I arrived at the hospital, I feel like the focus of all those around me was to be done and just get the baby here. After pushing for 4 hours, I heard comments in the room that “her pelvis must be too small”, and “I’ve never not seen this technique work.” With these comments being made around me, and out of sheer exhaustion, I decided to have a cesarean birth. I had a beautiful and healthy little boy and a well done surgery, but I felt disconnected from the whole experience. Afterwords, my husband asked the doctor what went “wrong”, and why hadn’t the baby come, was the baby too big, was her pelvis too small etc. To this he replied “No, everything was perfect, he was just taking his time.” So I started doing research with a fury to keep my mind off the hurt and anger I felt over my birthing experience, and was astounded at what I found. With a cesarean rate that has just risen to 30% in the United states, I knew something was wrong with our system. I decided that for me personally my cesarean could have been avoided if I had had the support I needed. I felt strongly the need to help women who are faced with the medical world of birth everyday, and especially to help women who faced what I did. I love to attend all births from all cultures and backgrounds, but I do feel like I have a strong background and deep compassion for women who want a VBAC, and those who are using hypnosis in their birth, because that’s what brought me here. I love what I do, and my dream is to daily change the birthing world by empowering mom’s to know that they CAN give birth. As a side note, I recently had my second baby, a VBAC, with whom I only pushed for ten minutes. It IS possible to have a beautiful birth and I want to help you achieve that. I am a CD(DONA) Certified Doula with Doulas of North America. I have attended workshops, read (and READ!) books on helping me to be the best doula I can be, compiled resources, taken classes, taught classes, attended several births, and have given birth to 2 children of my own. I have experience with mom’s who use either HypnoBirthing or Hypnobabies and see the benefits of both because I am a former HypnoBirthing Practitioner and Instructor, and have taken on clients, (including myself!), who have taken the Hypnobabies classes. My Services Include: * Two prenatal visits where we will discuss your birth plan, and everything under the sun, so that you can be prepared for your birth. * 24/7 On-call support from 35 weeks, and often even before that. * Labor and Birth support for entire labor at the point you decide you need it. * A postnatal visit to check up on you and your little one. * Due to my desire to provide mothers with the best birth possible, I only take on 2-3 women a month to ensure complete attention and satisfaction with each birth. I serve in Utah, Juab, Wasatch, and Salt Lake Counties though I often attend births elsewhere when my services are wanted or needed. I also know that it is a tough economy right now and would love to work with you even if price is an issue, whether in trade/tradework or on a sliding scale. Know that you can have the birth you desire! Your body can conceive, you can have an enjoyable pregnancy, and not only can your body give birth easily and beautifully: it’s supposed to! Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions, or to set up a free consultation. Karen Bunker 801-372-3312

Santaquin, UT 84655
United States

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