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What is Birth in the Tradition™

Birth in the Tradition ™ is a community based midwifery service serving Atlanta and surrounding areas of Georgia since 1980.  The name Birth in the Tradition™ was chosen because the service reflects the original midwifery model of care in a modern day world.

Service Provided

Birth in the Tradition provides pre pregnancy, prenatal, labor and postpartum counseling and support for those who desiring water birth (out of water birth), lotus birth and VBAC (vaginal birth after C-Sec) in a sacred, professional, cultural, and holistic manner. This includes:

Prenatal Exams

Nutritional Guidance

Prenatal Education

Labor Assistance

In-home Visitation

Postpartum and Newborn education

Breast Feeding Support

Birth in a Box pool rental,

Placenta encapsulation preparation

Pregnancy, Birth & Family Photography

Herbal knowledge & Usage

Blessingway Planning

Herbal Baths

Referrals to community resources and social services are available to support a healthy pregnancy when necessary and or upon request. A team of affiliates to assist in meeting your needs may include:

Back Up Midwife

Assistant and/or Apprentice

Labor & Postpartum Doula





Lactation specialist

Childbirth Educators


Homeopathic Physician

                                      Pregnancy Fitness Instructors

Birth in the Tradition’s Beliefs

Although pregnancy and birth is delicate in nature, it should not be overcome by fear and distrust by herself or any other person who is a part of her birthing team. Instead, pregnancy should be regarded as a rite of passage in which birth culminates one phase of life and initiates one into another phase called parenthood.  It should be experience joyfully. It is a point in time when she should become empowered by the experience of life growing inside of her womb guided by the care and knowledge acquired by her midwife. It is the time where the couple should be able to draw on the wisdom of those who have traveled this journey in life. In many traditional societies, “it takes a village to raise a child” is not merely a concept but a way of life beginning at conception. 

Birth in the Tradition also believes in family involvement and returning birth to the family. The midwife is to support and protect the sacredness, normalcy and naturalness of a healthy pregnancy and birth to the very best of her ability. She is not there to take over birth not unless her midwifery skills are required. At the same time, she is there to provide the comfort, wisdom and expertise of her craft, knowledge and skills appropriately. Birth in the Tradition believes the family should empower themselves by being educated on the entire process and progress of pregnancy and birth. Likewise, Birth in the Tradition believes in continuing education and maintains current CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation certification.    

                              What Makes Birth in the Tradition™ Unique

What makes Birth in the Tradition™ unique is its international cliental. When you come for a prenatal visit you may find other clients from other parts of the world and religious backgrounds. Birth in the Tradition’s founder, Sarahn Henderson comes from an international upbringing which makes her awareness of other cultures acceptable.  Therefore, requested birthing customs are honored and respected. All babies are welcomed into the hands of the Midwife. Prenatal care begins once a mutual agreement has been made between the midwife and her client and continues six weeks after birth. In many cases an extended family relationship continues a lifetime.

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