Emma Tarver Doula

With a healing touch and a warm presence, Emma is a full spectrum pregnancy doula based in New York City. DONA trained, She provides care to clients  in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens. Having spent several months training with indigenous midwives in rural Guatemala, Emma has had the opportunity to fuse her knowledge of caring for laboring women and studied Mayan methods of relaxation and pain management. Emma works as a midwife’s assistant at a home birth practice in Brooklyn, and has experience working at the Brooklyn Birthing Center, where she had the unique opportunity to assist with deliveries and work with a diverse clientele. She is also a volunteer with the Doula Project, giving support to people having abortion procedures as well as low-income women giving birth.

Emma’s interest in reproductive care was a natural step after years of organizing for reproductive justice, women’s empowerment, and LGBTQ rights. Emma is pro-choice in regards to all aspects of a person’s reproductive life; as a labor doula she seeks to help clients clarify their needs and preferences for the birth, and to provide non-judgmental support throughout. Emma understands that every birth is different, and relies on her intuition, creativity, and strong communication skills to adapt to every person’s individual needs.

At the center of her practice is a desire to guide people in feeling grounded and centered in their own bodies, and to make empowered choices about their own reproductive health care. Emma envisions a world where everyone is free to choose and express their gender, sexuality, and reproductive choices without having to fear pressure or judgement. She tries to bring this vision to life in her daily practice of providing full spectrum doula care.

627 Madison Street
New York, NY 11221
United States

p. 510-459-3938

Emma Tarver Doula


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