Little Miracles Childbirth, LLC

Hello, my name is Karen Davidson and I am the proud owner of Little Miracles Childbirth. I offer childbirth education using the Bradley Method, which has about a 90% success rate of unmedicated and intervention free births. I teach out of my home and typically have no more that 5 couples at a time. I also offer birth doula services. For more information, please visit My goal is to stop the fear and uncertainty that surrounds birth in our culture, and replace it with joy and empowerment. I also want to a source of knowledge and education for my clients. I love to help people learn about breastfeeding, baby wearing, natural birth and parenting, and homeopathic options for optimal health.

Bordentown, NJ 08505
United States

p. 732-406-4772

Little Miracles Childbirth, LLC


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