Premier Birth Center

Premier Birth Center’s mission is to provide personalized, high-quality, evidence-based, midwifery model care that supports safe, physiologic, family-centered, birth in the out-of-hospital setting, and is founded upon a core value of knowing this rare and precious type of care is important, transformative, and worth protecting and sharing with future generations.

We have two full-time Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) who have completed accredited midwifery educational programs and have extensive training and experience in out-of-hospital birth.

Premier Birth Center is a home-like setting with resources for low-risk women to give birth naturally. We’re also like an extended family helping you along the way. When you come to Premier Birth Center, we want you to feel safe, we want you to feel loved, we want you to feel like you’ve come home.

We have two spacious birth suites equipped with deep soaking tubs that can be used for labor and for waterbirth. Deep immersion helps reduce the need for pharmacological pain relief and facilitates labor progress. We encourage our clients to remain active in labor and to give birth in whatever position seems to be working best for them. Premier Birth Center families also have use of the full kitchen during their birth. Our clients eat lightly and stay hydrated, avoiding the need for IV fluids during labor.

After birth, mothers and babies are never separated and all initial baby assessments are done with baby still in the mother’s arms. Because our mothers are not medicated, they are discharged after their immediate postpartum observation period, approximately 4 hours after the birth. We do offer an optional extended stay for clients who prefer to stay at the birth center longer, perhaps receive additional breastfeeding assistance, or would prefer additional help so they can feel more rested before they leave the birth center.

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