Holly Heveron-Smith, Birth Doula

Birth Doula Services
Providing physical comfort measures and continuous emotional support to women during pregnancy, labor and birth.

As a doula, I tend to mesh very well with women who see the beauty in birth, trust their bodies and have a desire for a natural, unmedicated experience. I accompany women during labor and stay by their side until the baby is born and a good latch has been established (whenever possible, and this is usually the case). My role during pregnancy is one of emotional and informational support -- I'm available for calls, e-mails, and prenatal appointments to answer questions, address any fears/concerns, and help create a birth plan (if desired). I do NOT replace the husband/birth partner, but strive to enhance his/her own role which is unique, powerful, and irreplaceable.

My services include:

1 Initial Interview (free, no obligation)
2 Prenatal Appointments
Attending the Labor & Birth
1 Post-partum Visit

My fee is $550. I offer many different payment plans and am always open to negotiating if finances are a major concern. My primary concern is that I'm truly a good match for my client. If you have any other questions or thoughts, I would be delighted to speak further!

Holly Heveron-Smith

Franklin, TN 37064
United States

p. (615) 504-2086


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