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I am a traditionally trained midwife and a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator. I started training with Margarett Scott, CPM of Heaven Sent Births in 1997 after the successful VBAC of my second baby.  I have attended hundreds of families as they birth, both at home and in the hospital.  As a childbirth educator, I enjoy teaching both to homebirth clients and to families planning hospital births. I also serve as doula/monitrice for families birthing in a hospital.  I am currently working toward taking the NARM midwifery exam to obtain my CPM certification. I have attended many conferences and workshops to augment the midwifery training and practice.  I have experience in birth photography and belly casting and placental encapsulation.  I provide all in-home care for prenatal, labor and delivery and postpartum visits.

As the mother of six children,  I personally have a varied personal birthing background, including a c-section and 5 successful VBAC’s both at home and in the hospital. I am is a member of MANA, The Association of Texas Midwives, ICEA, and Lamaze International and am one of the founding members of Heartland
Midwives Association.

I view pregnancy and birth as normal, healthy events in a woman's life.  I believe that unnecessary interference in the birth process can disrupt the body's normal function, leading to intervention-caused complications. Therefore, I embrace the role of midwife as guardian of the normal in childbirth. I believe that the birthing woman who has her physical and emotional needs met, and who is given skillful and caring support during pregnancy and birth, has the best chance for a normal and positive birth experience. In an atmosphere of warmth, calmness, freedom of movement and nurturing support, a woman can relax and work with her body in the way that is best suited to her particular birth. If complications arise, the mother can continue to feel empowered in her role if she is given complete and honest information and is listened to in the decision-making process.

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Hands of Grace Birth Services


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