Certified Professional Midwifery

   A home-birth, family-centered midwifery practice, offering nurturing,  comprehensive and individualized maternity care.  We believe that pregnancy, labor and birth is most often a healthy, normal, magical year of life.    We work with each woman completely; through body, mind and spirit to be as healthy as can be. Through a strong continuity of care model, one team will guide a woman and her family through this incredibly, potentially transformational year.  We offer nutritional counseling and support.  Herbal and homeopathic support are also offered.  Wholistic child birth classes are also offered.  All aspects of a woman's well-being are optimized during her pre-natal care.
  Through this model, a woman is more likely to manifest the labor and birth she hopes for.
   Water-birth is an option many choose.
   In-home post partum care is offerred for both mother and baby.   In this way, this unique time of life is honored and supported by the same care provider that supported them through the pregnancy, laboring and birthing process.   Again, whoistic care is offerred though meeting the various needs of a post-partum family.   Breastfeeding support is an integral facet of this stage.
  At 6 weeks post-partum, many families will re-conncect with their birthing classes, and form a mother's group. 
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