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Jennifer is a Tennessee-licensed Certified Professional Midwife and has been directly involved with midwifery since 1988. Her interest began in graduate school, where her research focused on woman centered midwifery care. 
Her investigation culminated in a graduate thesis that revolved around a cornerstone philosophy: in order for normal, low risk childbirth to regain its original woman-centered status, it must be moved away from the hospital. As part of her thesis research, Jennifer enrolled in a class for aspiring midwives in 1997. She hasn't looked back since. Jennifer trained for three years under the skilled preceptorship of Deren Bader, CPM, DrPH. During those years, Jennifer attended close to 100 births. In 2004, she received the title of Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) and in 2005 became licensed in Tennessee. Jennifer also holds a Master of Arts in Women's Studies and a Masters of Public Health in Maternal & Child Health. Jennifer lives in Birmingham with her three home-born children.


Jennifer assists families from Alabama with the births of their children, but not in Alabama. She provides prenatal and postpartum care in Birmingham and travels to Chattanooga during the birth. Jennifer also provides backup midwifery care on occasion for Carolyn.
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