Sudharma Birth Services

With two locations to serve the community!

Sudharma is a Sanskrit word that means "she who follows her own path."  

In a culture where 99% of families choose to birth their next generation in a medical setting, choosing homebirth is walking down an overgrown, natural, rustic path of generations past.  You are boldly walking your own path and I am honored to join families on their journey.


Sudharma Birth Services seek to provide holistic, compassionate, and individual care to low risk mothers and their partners seeking to birth their babies in an out-of-hospital environment. We provide care through holistic well woman care, prenatal and birth services, educational services and by providing community education and outreach services.


We strive to make an impact on the experience of individual families birthing experience as well as the birthing culture in the United States and the larger world.  We believe that peace on earth beings with birth and work tirelessly toward a future where mothers, partners, and babies find their own power during the health, natural, undisturbed birthing process.

Please visit for more information on services, resources and to contact Nicole with any questions or concerns.  

148 E State St
Floor 1, Suite2
Doylestown, PA 18901
United States

p. 267-205-5612
f. 1-866-719-8515

Sudharma Birth Services


  • Herbalist
  • Holistic Practitioners
  • Mental Health
  • Midwives
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

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