Lavender and Roses, Birth and Mothering Center

               Lavender and Roses is a very special place to have a baby.  Please visit our web site to see the beautiful touches we have created, just for women like you, who desire a natural birth.
           Our emphasis is correct nourishment for your body and baby, optimal baby positioning in the pelvis, and learning to work with your body for active birth.
           Are you interested in a midwife who will assist you in giving birth the way that works best for you?  Through lots of interesting childbirth education, and sharing, we become cherished friends, as well as developing a trusting client/ midwife relationship.
          My name is Sherry Bushnell. I am a midwife licensed in MT, ID and TX.  Learn more about me at  I have been very happily married for 28 years. Tom and I, have given birth to 9 children.  Oldest is 27 and youngest is 7.  I have one grand baby thus far.  Birth has been a part of my life for over 30 years.... I attended my first midwife birth at age 18!  We know what it means to give birth with joy! 
             Join with us, as we learn together in our thriving natural birth community.  I serve the area between Libby, Montana and Bonner's Ferry, Idaho.  Being licensed in both states creates a unique opportunity to use the best of both situations.  
              Give us a call to set up your free consultation and tour of our very unique birth center, Lavender and Roses Birth & Mothering Center.
              Special things we offer: 
                              Pregnancy Counseling
                              Birth Art, Belly Casting,
                              Natural Parenting Monthly Group (Tea and Talk, 1st Wed of every month)
                              One-on-one childbirth education
                               Breastfeeding support
Some other great details:
         As a midwife,  I have excellent physician back up, and have good resources for pregnancy challenges.  I can deliver your baby in the hospital, with Dr. present.
         We do VBACS with women who are good candidates, and are happy to help you work towards a great birth outcome, even if you needed to have a scheduled section.  Come see us if you are pregnant... or thinking about becoming pregnant.... the sooner the better!
          Midwife care is more than just delivering a baby.  In my practice I feel being your midwife is a privilege. Midwife means "with-women" through out your entire pregnancy, labor, birth and first 6 weeks afterward.  Then even more fun begins, as we naturally mother our children. 

Sherry Bushnell, LM, CPM
516 Louisiana St.
Libby, MT 59923
United States

p. 406-293-6262
p. 208-946-0640
f. 208-267-7854


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