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About Me: I believe the most beneficial training I have is being a mother to my four beautiful children. I understand the trials and emotions throughout pregnancy, the ups and downs of laboring and child birth (medicated or non-medicated), and the restless nights/days caring for a newborn in the first delicate weeks postpartum. I have been trained and equipped with the knowledge it takes to provide optimal birth and postpartum doula care, for you, your partner, and your newborn through Birth Trust Doula services with Alison Haasch, the midwife at Life Spring Midwifery. (www.lifespringmidwifery.com). In addition, I have worked with many women through natural and medicated childbirths, in addition to successful VBAC’s! I have found through my pregnancies that my enjoyment and satisfaction with my pregnancy was, in a large part, dependent on the support I received, often in the form of knowledge of pregnancy issues, and how best to deal with them. This is why I have chosen to follow my passion to help support and care for women and their newborns during their journey through pregnancy, birth and postpartum, and why I have to move forward towards becoming a Midwife myself. I look forward to providing this knowledge to you and your partner, providing an opportunity for a wonderful and satisfying pregnancy. There is nothing more wonderful than bringing new life into this world! What I offer: ? Prenatal visits, including nutrition and exercise information ? Birth doula support through labor and delivery, home or hospital births ? Postpartum doula services, including in-home visits
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