Country Midwife, LLC

Founded by Licensed Midwife, Stacy Vandenput in 1990, we have had the honor and joy of serving childbearing families in Green Bay and the surrounding area over two decades.  Our midwives are committed to these guiding principles: 
  • Pregnancy and birth are states of normal health, not illness or medical conditions
  • Personal care for every mother and baby
  • Independent practitioners working directly for families
  • Natural, drug-free childbirth and breast feeding are safest for most mothers and infants
  • In-home care during and after birth whenever possible
  • Inclusion of mother’s family in care-experience as desired
  • Free exchange of health ideas and information
  • Informed consent
  • Sound nutritional counseling
  • Self-care
  • Parents are the best caretakers/decision makers for their own families
  • Continuing education and knowledge of evidence based practices
  • Training midwives for future generations 

Thank you for considering us and best wishes to you and your family as you navigate the journey of pregnancy, birth and parenting! For more information please view our website: 

Stacy Vandenput, LM, CPM
Julie Mercier, LM, CPM
Green Bay, WI 54302
United States

p. (920) 562-9058
f. (920) 593-8136


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