Heartland Midwifery

Traditional Midwife practice - providing primary care since 1983.  

 Heartland Midwifery is committed to serving women and their families whom are seeking partnership with a midwife in preparation for their home birth;  whom desire the safety, comfort and privacy of their own home (free of unnecessary disturbances, interventions and fusses) and desire the care and readiness of an experienced midwife through their childbearing year. 

 Childbirth is not an illness and one of the wonderful benefits of authentic midwifery care is that it is health-promoting and prevention oriented --  the natural choice!
 With joy (and ...with patience), my own four children were homeborn and  'homegrown' (in-arms care/a.k.a babywearing, breastfed, wholefoods, etc.).  In our tech-ie world, I hope mothers will take time for the whole hearth of mothering and pass the natural way to their children, including wholistic family health care at their own hearth.

 Complimentary (free of charge) first visit for parents to make solid inquiry & discovery of Heartland Midwifery services and care.  

1983 – Present (29 years) areas of SE OH., Central OH., and NE Central OH.

Prenatal, labor/birth and postpartum care. Certified Professional Midwife. Neonatal Resuscitation Provider certified. 28 years of practice included home birth and birth center care. Specialized care. Offering waterbirth option for 18 yrs. Several birth tubs available.

28448 County Road 10
Fresno, OH 43824
United States

p. 330-231-5945


  • Midwives
  • Birth Doulas
  • Childbirth Educators
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Waterbirth
  • Birth Centers
  • Natural Parenting
  • Babywearing Consultants
  • Holistic Practitioners

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